Fire Safety

in the Youth and Family Hotel

Fire safety is very important. That is why our main building – youth and family hotel Mauser Mühlthaler in the centre of Mauterndorf – has been readapted and upgraded in line with the prevailing technical standards for fire safety.

It is not easy to find a compromise between the protection of a historic building and fire safety but we believe that we have found an agreeable solution for our 500-year “young“ house here in Mauterndorf .

An overview of our fire protection devices:

  • An electronic full-protection fire alarm system has been installed in the property
  • All room doors are self-closing fire doors
  • Evacuation and escape routes from each room are clearly indicated on the escape route plan
  • An emergency and safety lighting system has been installed from the cellar throughout to the upper floor
  • A sufficient number of devices for initial firefighting measures, like fire extinguishers and fire blankets, have been installed across the property and are clearly marked.
  • We can carry out a group evacuation drill if requested
  • The house-specific fire protection regulations, including what to do in case of fire or emergency, are available at the reception and can be seen at any time.
  • Once a year, all staff members take part in a course about what to do in case of fire.
  • Relevant presentations enable our staff to gain knowledge in the field of fire prevention.
  • Secured designated assembly and meeting points are clearly marked.

We wish our guests a safe stay in our listed youth and family hotel Mauser Mühltaler.

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